The Premise

Drinking beer can be an adventure. Sometimes you want to plan your journey; othertimes you want to wander and explore. If you're interested in getting some guidance on your journey, we'd love to talk with you. If you've learned some interesting things on your wanders, we'd like to hear about that too.

The Offering

The First Phase:
This started in September 2022 with the goal of providing a highly-rated beer from 4 different breweries every month. This lasted for about 6 months but proved too ambitious, mostly due to day job constraints.

The Evolution:
The second iteration focuses on evangelising and events.
The Club does have a core group that meets every few weeks and tries new beer. This leads to expanding the list of recommended breweries.

NB: The Newton Beer Club is happy to host private beer tasting events.
Please email Joel to ask about scheduling a tasting.